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Friendship bracelets design tricks

1. One color design

Front and Back sides trick
– When you braid don’t miss bracelet’s right side
But if you do this in any pattern way you can knit a designed friendship bracelet just with one color thread.

2. Two colors design

Frivalite trick.

friendship bracelet #3 photo

Rotate threads and use Frivalite knit only for knitting. If you do so – you can knit any two colors designed friendship bracelet

3. Border

friendship bracelet #5 photo

Here is an friendship bracelet border pattern example

friendship bracelet #12 photo

You can modify border pattern and braid bracelet’s border like in this bracelet

4. Symmetrical

friendship bracelet #13 photo

Braid second bracelet’s part in back order.Here is an example of simetrical friendship bracelet design

5. Non symmetrical

My favorite – just knit what your hands and ays whant.

Very simply.

Here is an example of these…

friendship bracelet #32 photo


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