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Learn NOT to make Friendship Bracelet braids mistakes


I made this bracelet for one reason only: to do all mistakes that i know.It’s not a lot of them, so don’t be afraid.
First of all braid gently and be carefully from the start. If you not you may be in trouble .It’s a not big deal to add thread in case it end, but who need this?



It’s like to weave hear tail, the same way.

First row


Basic floss knot


– consist of two knits not one.
If you knit only one knit – bracelet will curl up.

Front and Back

Friendship bracelet has two sides.

so be carefully a front side always in front.

(It’s not always true see designs)

Lust row


do it straight and use Frivalite knit for the lust row.



Use symmetry when you weave a tails,and they will be the same design.

Last knot

Tighten each thread with little effort.
That’s all. If you know other mistakes I’ll be interesting to braid another one.

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