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Native friendship sign

Friendship Bracelet , Strap on the hair or anklet, Phone and Key Chain, in native style design

Easy to make and funny to bestow

it takes part a long time ago, when first man plait his hear or try to join two lianas. When first textile has took a part they simply don’t had any instruments for something else. It is a simplest way to use it. After a while it took another opportunity – to Write and Save information.

All Scandinavian runes could be written using floss technique. But remember that Runes were never meant to be used as an alphabet.


in 60 it takes a real second breath, Friendship Bracelet took a symbol of hippie people, symbol that belong just to us. Reason Why? Simplicity to make . All you have to own is yarn, safety trill and paper clip. When you braid your first shoes knit, you already do a half of basic knot.

Do i TWICE and here IT is.

peace sign knitting pattern

Knitting internet

New era of technology make new opportunities – modify and exchange the patterns thru internet. Download any pattern, and modify as you wish with “Renyxa” program.


Friendship bracelet knitting is very simple.

Just braid it

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